Honey Bunk Beds

Honey Beds - A Light Brown Finish with a Reddish Tinge

When choosing the right bed for any space, it is important to consider the appearance. The wood finish is an important aspect which can either highlight the overall décor or detract from it by looking completely out of place. With our honey bed frames, find an option that is attractive in a style that meets your sleep needs. Regardless of which style of bed frame you choose, our warm honey finish beds are an instant classic in every style.

When you look at other sites featuring light brown bunk beds, you are often seeing a highly manipulated image to influence your decision to buy. Here at the Bunk Bed King, the pictures you see have been taken of actual beds picked randomly from our warehouse. While the color has not been manipulated, it is worth noting that your screen colors may not reflect the actual bed colors due to differences in monitors and computer settings. The honey color is a light brown with a slight orange tinge which brings a certain touch of warmth to any room. Aside from the color of these honey bunk beds, finding the right style for your preferences has never been easier with our diverse collection.

When looking for an option that lets you hide the extra mattress and frame underneath the top one, a trundle style bed is a smart choice. It is perfect for sleepovers to maximize sleeping comfort without disrupting anything too much. You can also find our trundle beds with drawers instead of an extra mattress to maximize storage in tight spaces. We also have this finish color in traditional bunk beds with twin over twin, twin over full, full over full or full over twin sizing. Many options come with your choice of additional drawers to maximize storage and function. Choose from traditional ladder models and the more modern style of stairs to find the right fit for your child. If you have any questions about these options, please contact us for assistance on the matter.