Bunk Bed and Loft Bed Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions for Bunk Beds and Loft Beds

When it comes to bunk bed assembly, it requires the right instructions to guide you. If you don't have the right guides, you may end up putting it together in a manner that makes it less stable and sturdy for your child, or you may not even be able to put it together at all.

While most beds come with instruction booklets, they can easily get misplaced. With our bunk bed assembly guides in one convenient place, find the right instructions for your model with ease whenever you need it!

If you are looking at what you will need to do to assemble our bunk beds, captains beds or kids furniture, or have moved and need to re-assemble and cannot find the instructions, this page should be able to assist you. Our bunk bed assembly guides take you step by step through the process.

Click on a product link and it will open a complete set of instructions. (Please note these files are very large and depending on your internet connection speed, may be slow to download). You will need Adobe Reader to see the instructions. A link to download Adobe is at the bottom of this page.

If the bunk bed you own is no longer available in our collection, or is in the process of being phased out, you will not see the instructions listed below. Please contact us with the model number of your bed for assistance on these older models. We can email you a copy of the assembly instructions. If you are unsure which set of instructions you need, please refer to the certification label on the top headboard of your bunk beds.

Old Style Certification Label | Current Certification Label

Bunk Beds

BK161 Twin over Twin Tall Stairway Bunk Bed: BK161 : with Drawers: BK161-Drawers : with Trundle: BK161-Trundle

BK161EL Twin over Twin Tall End Ladder Bunk Bed: BK161EL : with Drawers: BK161EL-Drawers : with Trundle: BK161EL-Trundle

BK906 Twin over Twin Stairway Bunk Bed: BK906 : with Drawers: BK906-Drawers : with Trundle: BK906-Trundle

BK906ST Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Stairs: BK906ST : with Drawers: BK906ST-Drawers : with Trundle: BK906ST-Trundle

BK961 Twin over Full Stairway Bunk Bed: BK961 : with Drawers: BK961-Drawers : with Trundle: BK961-Trundle : with Full Trundle: BK961-Full-Trundle

BK961EL Twin over Full End Ladder Bunk Bed: BK961EL : with Drawers: BK961EL-Drawers : with Trundle: BK961EL-Trundle : with Full Trundle: BK961EL-Full-Trundle

BK981 Full over Full Stairway Bunk Bed: BK981 : with Drawers: BK981-Drawers : with Trundle: BK981-Trundle : with Full Trundle: BK981-Full-Trundle

BK981EL Full over Full End Ladder Bunk Bed: BK981EL : with Drawers: BK981EL-Drawers : with Trundle: BK981EL-Trundle : with Full Trundle: BK981EL-Full-Trundle

Twin Beds and Loft Beds

Jackpot Castle and Princess Low Loft Beds: Low Loft Bed with Ladder -- Low Loft Bed with Stairway

Jackpot Contemporary Low Loft Beds: Contemporary Low Loft Bed with Ladder -- Contemporary Low Loft Bed with Stairway

Jackpot Contemporary Low Loft Beds with Tents: Contemporary Low Loft Bed with Ladder and Tent -- Contemporary Low Loft Bed with Stairway and Tent

Jackpot Castle and Princess Low Loft Beds: Tent and Curtains Assembly

BK 551 All in One Beds: All in One Beds

Trundles and Drawers

Twin Trundle | Full Trundle | Under Bed Drawers

Stairways and Ladders

BK 71 Stairway (4 Steps) | BK 76 Stairway (3 Steps with Drawers) | BK 76ST Stairway (3 Steps) | BK 81 Ladder | BK 86 Ladder