About Us.

Bunk Bed King - Who We Are.

Bunk Bed King provides the lowest price available and free nationwide shipping through a hassle free online ordering process. Our mission to provide only the finest buying experience for you.

Family owned and operated our foundation was built 15 years ago. Bedz King's concept from day 1 was to deliver mattresses at a no-haggle low prices, with excellent customer service. As consumers began to purchase more and more items online, we saw an opportunity to offer the same low prices and service on items that large furniture stores do not carry a high selection or competitive pricing on, like bunk beds. Thus, Bunk Bed King was born.

Bunk Bed King has seen the industry change and grow through the years. giving us true expertise and perspective on what consumers are looking for in a bunk bed purchase, allowing us to offer exactly what you desire. In the past, consumers have often treated their children's bedrooms as just a place for them to sleep.

Through time, and inspirational social mediums such as Pinterest, parents have opted to treat a child's rooms as an extension of their home interior design. A bed often becomes the statement piece, and a bunk bed can offer additional sleeping room for friends and family, so it is a smart investment. The industry has adapted to this re-prioritization with an extended offering of modern designs and colors. Additional storage options add value to the bunk bed purchase, as well.

In order to keep prices as low as possible, our Bunk Bed King team is small, but focused. We only sell bunk beds that are directly imported from high quality providers, and distribute from our ample 65,000 square-foot warehouse in Arlington, Texas. The Bunk Bed King team is truly knowledgeable about the beds we carry, and are available to assist you with any questions or concerns, and then prepare your shipment with care

Unlike other online bunk bed distributors, we physically house our low-cost, high-quality beds in our warehouse for an on-demand and direct shipment to you at zero delivery cost, nationwide. Plus, you can rest-assured that our product meets or exceeds all of the bunk bed safety standards. The Bedz King brand continues to grow as satisfied customers share their experience with us, and we hope you will join by doing the same. We consider ourselves the King of the Bunk Bed industry, but we are in business to roll out the red carpet for you!