Low Loft Beds with Stairs or Ladders

Low Loft Beds with Ladders or Stairs - Add a Tent

If you're looking to maximize space and storage in your children's room, our contemporary Twin Low Loft Beds might be just what you need. These twin bed frames are made from solid New Zealand pine wood, ensuring durability and timelessness. We offer various customization options to help you create your desired look.

You can choose from four modern color options: gray, white, blue, and cherry. Additionally, you can select either storage stairs or a side ladder entry. To add more fun, consider adding a slide. You can also add an under-bed loft tent to create a playful space with a pop of color!

Our Stairway Loft Beds come with three stairs and a sturdy side rail. Each stair has a pull-out drawer for easy-access storage, and a clever bonus shelf underneath is perfect for keeping books. If you're looking for a smaller footprint, our Ladder Loft Beds with a sleek built-in end ladder is a great option. With flat rungs and full guard rails, this bed provides peace of mind and flexible floor space.

Our under-bed Loft Tents come in blue or pink, with white accents. The front curtain features two round windows and a roll-up front door, while a side curtain with a window keeps things cozy and bright. Tents are easily detachable, allowing your loft bed to grow with your child's needs or to be put back up for play dates and sleepovers.

For kids with big imaginations, check out our Princess and Castle beds for low loft beds with slides and castle tents!

Does your Low Loft Bed need a replacement tent? Choose now from 2 color options TENT only.