Wood Versus Metal Bunk Beds

Do I Choose a Wood or Metal Bunk Bed

When choosing the right bunk beds for your children, you want to know your options. While you may see several styles on the market today when shopping for this item, they are not all created equal on important matters such as appearance, longevity, and durability. The main aspect you need to consider first and foremost is the type of material you want for a bunk bed. Here are a few things you need to know about wood versus metal bunk beds to make the right choice.


When looking at the debate of wood versus metal bunk beds, the first matter to consider is the appearance. While metal frames offer a more modern look that some prefer, they can also give off a colder vibe than wood framed bunk beds. Wood is naturally pleasing to the eye and gives a warm, inviting atmosphere to any room. The matter of appearance is usually decided based on personal preference and which one will work better with the existing décor of the home.


The next matter to consider when looking at wood versus metal bunk beds is the matter of durability. While both are made to offer durability for obvious reasons of safety, there are a few things to consider. Metal tends to be less sturdy than wood when the wood is of high quality. The key is to look for bunk beds made with solid wood rather than particle boards or artificial woods. Wood is just heavier than metal in most cases, so it lends more stability to the bed frame.

Another difference between these two materials is the way the surface is treated. Most metal bunk beds are coated with a powder finish that makes them durable while wood is usually treated with either a varnish or paint to protect the surface. It is important to note that both material types are still vulnerable to scratches and marks on the surface and these barriers only act to reduce these occurrences.


The final matter is the matter of longevity. While both metal and wood are long-lasting in terms of years of use, wood stands the test of time a little bit better in most cases. Metal is more vulnerable to rust damages whereas wood is one of the sturdiest options on the market today.

The bottom line is that both materials have a lot to offer with a few differences between them. The best bet is to carefully consider which aspects matter most to the needs of your family and go from there when shopping for a bunk bed.