Trundle Beds to fit your room

Space Needed for Trundle Beds

When it comes to shopping for any type of furniture, you always need to measure the room before you purchase the furniture. If you buy something that is too big for the space, you end up with a real problem. When looking to buy a trundle style bed, the matter of considering space becomes even more crucial. Here are a few things to consider when looking at trundle bed sizing.

Consider the size of the room and additional furniture

The first step in understanding trundle bed sizing is to measure the room. While this is a common step that most people know to do so they can decide between a twin or full, they often forget to consider the fact that the bed won’t be the only piece of furniture taking up precious space. You need to consider the dresser, desk, bookshelves, or any other furniture that will also occupy the space. Also, take a look at the dimensions links of our bunk beds with trundles to see the exact measurements.

Keep in mind the second mattress space needs

While taking initial measurements of the room and available space is important, figuring out trundle bed sizing is not the same as any other bed. Since a trundle bed has an additional mattress that slides out from underneath the bottom bed, you will need to account for this when considering the available floor space. There are options available to accommodate various needs such as twin over twin or twin over full.

Decide about additional storage

If the trundle bed has additional storage in the form of drawers, you will need to keep this in mind as well. While a non-trundle bed may have drawers underneath the bottom bunk, the additional mattress is that spot on a trundle style bed, so the drawers would actually be on the side of the frame where the stairs are located. While this is a great way to truly maximize the functional aspects of the room, you will need to keep that in mind when measuring for the right size bed for your room.