Transitioning Bunk Beds from Kids to Teens

Kids to Teens in Bunk and Loft Beds

There is no denying that bunk beds are a kid-friendly sleep solution they will love for years of use. Practically ingrained in our minds as an important part of childhood, bunk beds are something they will love and remember forever. While your little ones may love their bunk beds, teens are a different story. As any parent knows, as children age, their preferences change. When it comes to transitioning bunk beds from kids to teens, here are a few ways to get the job done and create a sleep space they will love again!

Switching from a castle bed to a bunk bed

One of the more common ways of transitioning bunk beds from kids to teens is to change up the castle bed into something less juvenile. A castle bed is usually a bed on top and underneath is a play area. The bed features a fabric covering that makes it look like a castle. While this is fun for your child when they are younger, as they age it can become less appealing. One of the easiest ways to transform this type of bed is to remove the castle cover. Depending on the height of the bed, you may be able to place a desk underneath the top bunk to turn it into more of a loft style bed and less of a bunk bed which is perfect for older children. Even if a desk isn’t quite feasible, that bottom bunk space can still be put to good use for older kids by adding pillows and lights and turning it into a hangout space or reading nook.

Bunk beds that separate to make two beds

Of course, the easiest way of transitioning bunk beds from kids to teens is to simply turn one bed into two! If you have the kind of bunk beds with a top and lower bed, and the frame allows for separation, you can easily make two side by side beds instead. Many teens see bunk beds as childish so a side by side setup may be more to their liking as they age and their tastes grow. Or, remove one of the beds, and let them simply have the one bed and mattress in the room.

Switching to a new type such as a captains bed

Another way to make bunk beds more teen-friendly is to consider switching to a captains style bed. A captains bed lets them have the option of having a second sleep space but keeps it conveniently rolled away to remove the often-childish look of bunk beds. It is like bunk beds for more mature kids. It allows them to pull out the additional mattress if a friend stays over the night and then roll it away again to return the room to a more grown-up appearance, while also offering storage drawers.