Tips for Making the Top Bunk

How do you make the top bunk?

When it comes to making the bed, it is usually a rather simple task that even a child can do once taught. With bunk beds, however, the matter of making the top bunk can be somewhat complicated. Here are a few tips for making the top bunk to help you handle it with more ease.

Use a Stool

One of the most obvious tips for making the top bunk is to use a step ladder or footstool. This will make it easier to reach the hard to get to corners when tucking the sheet in. It is just the safest and easiest way to make the top bunk without hassle.

Get some sheet clips.

Kids can be wiggle worms when they sleep, and the sheet can come off at night during their tossing and turning. If you don’t feel like fighting with a fitted sheet every morning when making the bed, sheet clips are a great solution for this problem. These are easy to use, and you can find them with ease.

Skip the flat sheet.

While beds for adults use a fitted sheet and a flat sheet, kids can get by with just the fitted sheet. This will save you a step in making the bed and chances are your child won’t even notice not having a flat sheet. As long as they have a comforter that keeps them warm, the flat sheet is absolutely unnecessary for kids.

Do not use a flat comforter.

When you use a flat comforter like a quilt meant to fall flat or even a wool blanket meant to be tucked in on the corners, it is only making it harder on yourself. Instead you should choose a fluffy comforter or duvet meant to stay loose around the edges, so you have less work.

Keep it simple with the pillow.

A bed for a child really only needs a larger sleep pillow and maybe one or two smaller pillows for when the child wants to read in bed sitting up. If you have more pillows than that, you are adding extra work to making the bed.