Storage bed sizing to fit your room

Make Space for Storage Drawers

When you design your room or that of your child, it is important to make certain considerations before buying the furniture. The biggest consideration with any furniture purchase is the matter of sizing. If you are choosing a bunk bed with additional storage built in, you will need to make more detailed considerations than a regular bunk bed. Let’s take a closer look at storage bed sizing with these tips!

Measure the room

The first step in determining the right storage bed sizing for you is to measure the room. Using a tape measure, you should measure by putting one end at a wall, placing the tape on the floor and walking until you reach the wall on the opposite side of your starting point. Then repeat for the other set of walls. You basically want to measure the room by length and width and make a note of that to help you determine all the available space. Knowing the room measurement is important as a starting point, but it isn’t the final deciding measurement.

Consider additional furniture

There are several reasons why the overall measurement isn’t the final say in determining the ideal storage bed sizing for your room. You will need to consider the additional furniture you will place in the room with the bed. From shelves or decks to dressers and nightstands, there are other pieces of furniture which will be competing for the space alongside the bed.

Consider the drawers

While many people choose storage style beds because they save space, they often forget the fact that drawers have to pull out and will require some space, albeit less space than a dresser. After you have your measurements of the room, the bed size, and the additional furniture, the space left over needs to be big enough to allow the drawers to pull out with ease to access the items housed within in. You can also choose the type of storage bed where the drawers are located in the stairs themselves because it will be space you already added into the measuring.

Leave extra room

Of course, once you get the bed, additional furniture, and drawers all measured out, you will still need to leave a bit of space for walking and moving around with ease. Remember, it is better to opt for a smaller bed to ensure you have enough room to live comfortably without feeling cramped rather than filling all of the space for a larger bed.