Space Benefits of Bunk Beds

Bunk beds help create space in your bedroom

When choosing the right bed for your child’s room, there is no denying that bunk beds are a popular choice for all ages. While many children want the bed because it is a fun way to sleep and is perfect for sleepovers, parents are looking at things from a different perspective. Here are a few of the great space benefits of bunk beds you should consider.

Saves on floor space

One of the most obvious space benefits of bunk beds is that they save on floor space. With one bed stacked on top of the other, you get two beds for the floor space of one! This frees up floor space for other things such as a desk, dressers, or a play area.

Maximizes sleep spaces

Another of the more obvious space benefits of bunk beds is that it allows for more sleep space. With a bunk bed, you can easily accommodate any guests for sleepovers without anyone feeling cramped or uncomfortable. It is also great for siblings sharing a room so they each have their own designated sleep space. You can even go with a trundle style bed which allows for a third mattress to be placed underneath the bottom bunk for even more sleep space.

Under bed drawers and stairs eliminate the need for additional furniture

Another great way to save on space using bunk beds is by adding under bed drawers. These drawers are usually on casters, so the drawers will wheel right out for easy use. This helps to maximize space for string items such as clothes or toys. Another option for maximizing space with bunk beds is the ability to add drawers underneath stairs for even more space. These drawers can be used for toys and clothes, and in some cases, can even be used to eliminate the need for a toy chest or dresser altogether to save on space even more.

Changing space needs

Many bunk beds can be separated into two beds side by side as needed. While this may seem like the opposite of a space saver, it can come in handy if a sibling is getting their own room after sharing a room for a while. You can easily move the top bunk bed to the additional room which will open up even more space ceiling-wise for the bottom bunk left in the original room.