Bunk Beds Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of bunk and loft beds

When looking for the right sleep solution for your child or children, the topic of bunk beds is bound to come up. This fun and classic sleep solution is a top choice for kids of all ages and offers the right mix of fun and function to keep everyone happy. Before making this important purchase, it is helpful to look at the pros and cons of bunk beds.


  • Saves on space. There is no denying that bunk beds help save on space which is important in any room but especially a child's room where they need ample room to play and explore their imagination. With bunk beds, you get two beds for the floor space of one.
  • Teaches kids not to roughhouse. With bunk beds, comes a certain level of responsibility for most kids because roughhousing on a bunk bed can lead to accidents and injuries. When you teach children not to use the top bunk for play or not to play with the ladder as if it were a toy, you are teaching them to be responsible for their actions at a young age.
  • Encourages independence for siblings without separating them. When siblings share a room, teaching independence can be as simple as two separate beds that give them the illusion of being on their own at night. It is also a good way for the older child on the top bunk to feel like they have a little bit more privacy from a younger sibling.
  • Lets each child have more control. Another benefit of bunk beds is that kids won't have to fight over the light in the room. Instead of one child wanting the light on and one wanting it off, you can simply attach clip-on lights to the bunks and each child can control their own light without disturbing the other one.
  • Bunk beds last for years as your child grows. A great thing about a well-made bunk bed is that it will last for years so even if you purchase them when your child is in kindergarten, they will still be able to use them as a teen years later.


  • Safety concerns. While bunk beds have to meet tough testing standards to be sold, the safety concern is still present. Even with the proper safety measures in place, the potential of a child falling off the top bunk from roughhousing or not following the rules of safe bunk bed use is a concern for parents.
  • Not suitable for young children. Bunk beds are suggested for children 6 and older, especially the top bunk.
  • Making the bed is a little harder. If you teach your child to make their bed as part of their chores, the top bunk of a bunk bed can make that a little difficult, especially for younger children.
  • The fight for top bunk. While the top bunk is only for children over 6 years old, the fight will still be ongoing among older siblings of the top bunk. Many parents find ways around it such as the oldest gets the top bunk or kids switch off nights.