What are the main parts of a Bunk Bed?

Parts of a Bunk Bed: Frame, Mattress, Ladder, Steps, and Guardrails.

If you are new to the world of bunk beds, you may have some questions about what makes up a bunk bed. While the obvious answer is that it’s one bed stacked on top of another bed, there are individual parts worth knowing when shopping for this sleep solution. Here are the main parts of a bunk bed to help you get a better understanding of this type of furniture.


This is the main part most people think of when they say bunk bed. The frame is the part that holds the mattress and acts as the support for the entire setup. The frame is usually one connected piece but can be in two pieces for bunk beds that separate. The frame includes the upper and bottom frames of each mattress, as well as the posts which rest on the floor and the footboard and headboard.


The mattress is the part you sleep on and is the second most obvious part of a bunk bed. Mattresses for bunk beds can come in sizes and options such as two twins or twin over full.

Ladder - Stairway.

This is the part of the bunk bed that gets most kids most excited. Climbing the ladder of your first bunk bed is a treasured memory for lots of kids. The ladder is usually placed either at the back of the bed frame near the foot of the bed or it can be placed at the front of the bed. In certain models, you can even move the ladder to get the right positioning. Stairs are another part of a bunk bed that helps with the ease of getting on the top bunk safely. While ladders are ideal for older kids, steps may be better suited to younger children.


The slats are usually strips of sturdy wood which run horizontally above the frame and below the mattress. They are typically fastened in place with a support beam or additional bars running underneath. These slats are the support system for the mattress to ensure safety against accidents and provide proper support for the mattress and the child sleeping on the mattress.


The guardrail usually is only on the top bunk. Typically a wooden slat or railing, although sometimes metal, this guardrail acts as a safety measure to prevent children from falling over the edge of the bed in their sleep. A guardrail is usually placed on both sides of the upper bunk to ensure safety.