Kid's Bedroom Space

How to best utilize your bedroom space

When it comes to making your child's room a place of comfort and imagination, there are a few ways to go about the task. Since this is such a big task, it is a good idea to focus on specific areas as your starting point. Let's take a closer look at creating kid's bedroom spaces that are both fun and functional by area.

Sleep Space

One of the most important areas in terms of kid's bedroom spaces is the sleeping area. Since this is where they will get their rest, so they are ready for another day, it is important to create an area that is conducive to sleep yet kid-friendly. Another concern is that most parents understand what a struggle bedtime can be with kids. With a bunk bed, you can give them an option they actually want to get into at night with less of a fight. The use of bunk beds is a great way to make bedtime more fun while saving on space. Aside from the bed itself, you also want to look at other elements of this space to create one that meets your child's needs. For instance, make sure there is gentle light by way of night lights, so they can navigate the bunk bed in the middle of the night as needed, as well as making sure the bedding is comfortable to help them get a good night of rest.

Play Space

Aside from the bed, the most important area you need to focus on is the play space! This is one of the kid's bedroom spaces often overlooked when planning a room, but it should be a priority. You want to leave enough open floor space, whether in the center of the room or a designated corner, to give them room to play with toys. For younger children, this space should have bright bold colors by way of the rug or wall decorations to ignite their imagination. For older children, you might want to consider making the space in the corner of the room near a power outlet where they can play video games in their own little hub. The play space will be dependent on your child's age and interest, but it should definitely be a top consideration when planning a room.

Learning Space

Aside from sleep and play, learning is also an important space that needs to be included in the room of any child. Your child should have a learning area that has items such as books and a comfortable place to read, desk for doing homework, computer for older children, or any other elements of education your child requires for success. Obviously, this space, much like the play space, will depend on the age and needs of your child.