The History of Bunk Beds - Who Invented Bunk Beds?

Where did the idea of bunk beds originate?

While bunk beds are now a staple in modern home furnishings thanks to their playful fun and the way they save on space while maximizing sleep areas, they haven’t been around forever. Where is the starting point for the history of the bunk bed? Let’s take a closer look at the history of bunk beds!

The idea of a bed was first seen in ancient Egypt. Before this time, people would usually just sleep on the hard ground with a little hay as a buffer. The Egyptians were the first to start making what we think of as beds. While they weren’t made of completely enclosed springs like today, they were the first frame style beds. The Egyptians would usually make a bed frame out of wood and then fill the frame with a softer material such as cotton or feathers. While these beds were originally intended only for the noble and elite of society, eventually beds would become a normal concept around the world as a necessary household furniture.

The history of bunk beds is hard to pinpoint. There isn’t a particular individual who first invented bunk beds and they are actually believed to go back to medieval times when the poor were trying to save on space. Bunk beds really started to become popular when used in the military to help provide sleep space to twice as many soldiers. From there, bunk beds became a mainstay in smaller homes where saving on space was crucial.

Typically made of wood, the bunk bed would take on a more modern look with many becoming available in sleek metal as well. During the 1980s and 1990s, bunk beds were featured on a lot of popular television shows and in movies as the go-to bed of choice for the cool kids and the trend continues to stay steady today. When you combine the fun and function of this type of bed, it is no wonder bunk beds are still such a popular choice for kids and teens of all ages!