Bunk Beds Care and Maintenance

How to look after your furniture.

As any parent knows, children can take a toll on stuff. With all their energy and playfulness, it is no wonder accidents happen that mar furniture.

Aside from your little ones being a bit too rambunctious, wear and tear is a natural part of life with furniture, especially if certain steps aren’t taken to prevent it in the first place. Here are a few tips and tricks on furniture care and maintenance to help their bunk bed last for years while looking its best.

Teach children not to roughhouse.

The best way to prevent wear and tear is to teach your children for a young age that roughhousing is for outside play and not inside play, but this may not always be feasible as most parents know all too well. Many nicks and damages to the surface of the bed occur from accidental impacts of children playing with toys. A good tip is to have a designated play area away from the bed to help avoid this scenario.

Protect wood from direct sunlight.

One of the biggest tips for furniture care and maintenance is to protect the material from direct sunlight. Wood and varnish are susceptible to fading caused by too much direct sunlight. Make sure the room with the bunk bed has curtains or blinds which can help reduce the sunlight hitting the bed frame.

Dust and polish wood the right way and regularly.

When it comes furniture care and maintenance, there are a few tasks you should perform routinely for the best results. For example, allowing a coating of dust to accumulate on the furniture can not only make the air dirtier for breathing, it can also cause small abrasions in the surface of the bed frame. The best solution is to regularly dust the bed frame to remove the buildup of dust before it even starts. Another great option is to polish with a wood safe polishing cloth, depending on the type of wood and vanish you have. You should check with the instruction manual or manufacturer before applying any type of cleaner or polisher to the bed frame.

Repair coating or varnish issues when they happen.

If you do find a few small nicks or openings in the varnish or paint on the bed frame, it is a good idea to repair it promptly. A small tear can quickly become a much bigger tear when left unattended, especially with curious little ones tempted to play with the spot. To avoid the problem getting bigger over time, look into a safe sealant, varnish, or paint solution to fix it promptly. Again, check with the manufacturer prior to using any chemical substance on the bed frame to be on the safe side.