Cleaning Castle - Princess Loft Beds

How to clean your castle - princess loft bed.

When you have a loft bed or bunk bed, it is important to take proper care of it to ensure a long life of use. There are different kinds of bunk beds on the market today and the steps for cleaning them aren’t all the same. If you are also looking for tips on cleaning castle beds, we have you covered. Here are a few key ways to provide the right care for this type of furniture.

Taking off the fabric to wash it.

One of the first steps of cleaning castle beds is to remove the castle cover. These covers can easily become dirty because kids are just messy in general. It is a good idea to wash the cover occasionally to keep it fresh and clean. You will need to check with the manufacturer or instruction label to ensure you are all clear to throw it in the washer or if it needs special cleaning.

Caring for the frame.

After you remove and care for the cover, you can attend to the frame itself. You will need to consider the state of the frame. From putting stickers on the bed frame that you now need to remove to coloring with their crayons, there is really no telling what is going on with the frame until you remove the cover and assess.

Once you assess the state of the frame, you can get to work. The good thing about the bunk beds we sell is that they are all made of solid wood of high quality and then varnished with durable lacquers which act as a barrier against damages or dirt. The first step is to dust to remove any buildup. After that is done, you can clean the frame. Most of the time, the frame will only need a quick and easy wipe down with a washcloth and soapy water. Make sure you thoroughly dry the frame to avoid any concerns with moisture.

Making repairs.

Another step in cleaning castle beds is to check for necessary repairs. If there are any nicks in the varnish or paint, you will want to repair those before they get worse under the wear and tear of your kids. You will also want to check that all the hardware is properly fastened or tightened to ensure the safety of your little ones.