Choosing the Right Wood Finish for Bunk Beds

What wood finish are you looking for?

When designing your child’s room, you want the right look for their personality and also the style of your home overall. If you are choosing bunk beds, there are plenty of options on important matters such as wood finish. Here are a few tips on choosing the right wood finish for bunk beds to help you make the right choice.

Decide if you want something traditional.

The key to choosing the right wood finish for bunk beds is to know what the style of your home is and try to stay with that. If you have a more traditional style throughout the home, the bunk beds should match that to avoid looking out of place. What are a few examples of traditional wood finishes? You can choose a honey color which is a classic throwback to tradition or an expresso which is a little darker but still has a traditional vibe to it.

Do you want something more modern.

Of course, if traditional is less your style, there are other options when choosing the right wood finish for bunk beds. A modern look is usually created by the use of darker colors with a modern appeal such as dark cherry which is a rich dark tone or even a gray wood finish that gives a little bit of an industrial vibe with a modern twist on the classic bunk bed. Of course, modern doesn’t have to be just dark tones! You can also choose white as a modern choice that offers a clean, sleek, and inviting appearance.

Consider the longevity.

When choosing a wood color, you want to make sure it will look great in the years to come. Whether you offer a traditional or modern approach, you want to consider where your sense of style may be in the year to come. For example, if you are planning to remodel your home or buy new furniture in a drastically different style in the years to come, you should choose the bed that will still look great in a few years after the remodel rather than the bed that matches the décor right now.

Ask your child.

Too many parents make the choice for their child in terms of furniture. While the parents get the final say and that should be made clear to the child, there is nothing wrong with asking the child if they have a preference in the color of their bed frame. They are the ones sleeping in it after all!