Bunk Beds Certification by Independent Laboratories

Certification of Bunk Beds by Independent Laboratories.

The factories that manufacture bunk beds do so to our specifications to ensure that not only do the bunk beds look and feel comfortable but that they are also safe for everyday use by you and your children.

In addition, every bunk bed model we sell has been tested by an independent laboratory to ensure it complies with the ASTM F-1427-06 "Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bunk Beds", the government code of federal regulations for Entrapment Hazards in Bunk Beds and the Government Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1513 – Requirements for Bunk Beds.

You can view our current certificates online. 

BK161S | BK161EL | BK906S | BK906ST | BK906EL | BK961S | BK961EL | BK981S | BK981EL.

We would recommend that if you choose to buy a bunk bed from another vendor, you ask to see the certificate for the bunk bed you are buying to ensure it meets these standards.

Also, it is very important for your child's safety that the paint and finishes on your beds as well as the hardware meet the standards as determined by the 16CFR 1303 Ban of Lead-containing paints. An independent laboratory tests each container we receive to ensure it exceeds these standards.