Bunk Bed Layouts and Styles

Options and layouts for different bunk beds.

When choosing the right bunk bed for your children, there are tons of options on the market today. While they may all seem pretty much the same to most people, there are actually a few important reasons to consider the differences in bunk bed layouts. Let’s take a look at the most common bunk bed layouts.

1. Stairway bunk beds

The stairway bunk bed has two beds, either of the same size or two different sizes in terms of mattress and uses stairs to reach the top bunk instead of the more traditional option of a ladder. There are a few reasons to choose this layout for bunk beds. The biggest one is that stairs tend to be a bit better for younger bunk bed sleepers compared to a ladder which means they will have to climb with more focus. Another reason is that the stairs also usually double as storage in the form of drawers for an added bonus.

2. Twin over twin

This is a great choice for when you are looking to save on floor space. Twin over twin offers a great sleeping space for children of all ages and is the most common layout most people choose for this type of bed.

3. Twin over full

Perfect for when you have more floor space to play with and want an option that is a little bit different while still being a bunk bed. The larger bed on the bottom is great for older children looking to stretch out a bit more while the younger sibling sleeps on the top bunk.

4. Full over Full

When you have two older children looking for more room, a full over full is a great choice. This allows for both sleepers to have a bit more wiggle room. You will need to consider that this layout will take up more floor space in general than a twin over twin.

5. Tall bunk beds

A tall bunk bed is one that is higher than a standard bunk bed. This is important because it will provide more space in between the beds for sitting up which is ideal for both teens and parents who may want to sit on the bottom bunk with their child during story time.

6. Separated beds

Another aspect of layout to consider is whether or not the bunk bed can be separated into two separate beds. This is great for when children decide they are tired of bunk beds or when two children sharing a room each get their own.