Bunk Bed Key Features

Safety Features for Bunk Beds

When it comes to getting the best bed for the needs of your child, the features play a big role. There are plenty of bunk beds on the market but that doesn’t mean they will be the right choice for you. Here are a few things to look at when considering bunk bed features.

The most important bunk bed features to consider are related to safety. While bunk beds go through rigorous testing to meet safety inspections, there are still a few things to look for when shopping.

Side Rails

The feature of side rails for the top bunk is crucial to safety and peace of mind for any parent. While side rails are pretty standard in the design, you want to make sure they are quality side rails made of durable materials and securely fastened to the frame of the bed.

Ladder or Stairs?

Another safety feature to look at is the matter of stairs and ladders. While stairs are considered safer for younger children because they are easier to navigate, they still need to be made of durable solid wood to ensure peace of mind and they should either be part of the main bed frame or securely fastened to the frame to avoid them moving and creating a hazard. For ladders, make sure they are fastened to the bed properly and will not come off while the child is climbing to the top bunk.

Matters of construction

It is important when looking at safety features that you check out the overall materials. The bed frame should never be made with anything flimsy such as particle board. You want high-quality solid woods to ensure the safest option for your child.

Storage Features

Aside from safety matters, the only other bunk bed features you need to worry about are matters of storage. There are two main options for this feature to help you get the right outcome for the needs of your child and the available space of the room.

Under Bed Drawers

The use of under-bed drawers can help with providing storage space that stays out of the way. It wouldn’t take up any extra floor space since the drawers are located under the bed frame itself for added convenience.

Drawer Stairs

If you choose stairs over a ladder, a big advantage is that you can opt for drawer stairs. The drawers are part of the stair design which is helpful in maximizing storage potential of a room.