Holiday Update

Bunk Bed King - Holiday Update

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This holiday season, online shopping and shipping volume are expected to be at an all-time high. As a result, delivery delays are expected to occur. We extremely encourage you to shop early this year, to ensure your packages will be delivered right on time before the holiday season.
We're working closely with our shipping providers to forecast daily holiday shipping volume. Our goal is to have the packages delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible to you. Please keep in mind there is a possibility all the packages might not be delivered at the same time; split deliveries might occur.
We suggest you consider enrolling in FedEx Delivery Manager (link is attached below), a service that provides you text and/or email updates on delivery status, and provides you with tracking information on the packages. We will strive to give you accurate estimates of delivery times, should we encounter any unexpected issues after your order, we will notify you.
We recommend you order no later than DECEMBER 12th (earlier if possible) if you are trying to get your bunk bed or loft bed delivered before Christmas. Also allow yourself plenty of time to assemble the bed so that your children can enjoy the thrill of their bunk beds.
We ask for your continued patience and support. Please know that we will do our part to get your packages shipped and delivered to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. We sincerely appreciate your business.

To sign up directly with FedEx Delivery Manager click on the link below.

The Bunk Bed King family wish you and your family our best wishes for the holiday season.


Maria, Kelley, Yami and Gustavo