Colorful Bunk Beds

When looking for the right bed for your child, you want something safe that they will also enjoy. The safety part comes from choosing a manufacturer you can trust with certified safety testing in place. The fun aspect comes in bright colors to excite their imagination! There are a few popular kinds of colorful bunk beds on the market. Let’s take a closer look here.

Touch of Pink

One of the most popular colorful bunk beds is a touch of pink. Pink is the signature color of girly girls everywhere and it is a great decorating choice for your little princess. Pink is a color you can easily match with other decor elements and she is sure to love it! We offer white bed frames with pink ladders or stairs or a gray model with pink ladders or stairs. This is great way to add some pink to the room without it being overpowering.

Multicolor Castle Bed

Another popular choice for colorful beds can be seen in multicolor castle cover beds. With a mixture of colors, such as red, blue, and yellow for the castle part and a frame of either cherry, white, or gray, all working together in one design, you get an option that is great for boys or girls for a more gender-neutral room. A castle loft bed is also a lot of fun aside from the colorful aspect. It gives them a play space and sleep space all in one while playing to their growing imagination.

Pink or Blue Castle Bed

When you want an option that is more gender-based while still colorful, another great choice is a cherry, gray, or white frame with a pink/white or blue/white castle covering. It gives all the fun of a castle bed with a color that is right for their personalities and decor theme.

Camo Castle Bed

For a different twist in the gender-specific pink or gray castle, a camo castle is a great choice. With your choice of either pink or grey in a camouflage style, you can create a unique room décor for your little one. The frame itself is available in cherry, gray, or white to add some balance to the colors.

Whether you choose a pink castle cover or a multicolor castle bed, this is one of the easiest ways to add some extra life and charm to their room. When you need this type of bed for your little one, find it here at Bunk Bed King!